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Will my child get into a 'good' college after graduation?

This is a question we imagine most parents have on their minds at this critical time. Our response is to prepare our students to be "world beaters". Armed with precision tools to make informed decisions about their futures, then consciously electing the path, which will truly have the greatest positive impact in their lives. We believe, wholeheartedly, that the 21st century graduate must be instructed on how to think more deeply rather than what to think. 

What do Victory students experience?

We Provide a challenging academic program that foster self-awareness and strong work habits. Our graduates are prepared for higher education and careers. We provide opportunities for students to share ideas with each other, the staff and the community. Our students participate in project-based learning and demonstrate mastery through academic portfolio assessment. 

VCHS Experience

Victory's Advisory Program

All Victory students have an advisory class as part of their coursework. Thus, students will meet every day as part of their curriculum. It consist of a balance of literacy lessons, college and career information, lessons on the following study skills and habits of, mind necessary for academic success.
Students will learn how to ask the right kind of questions, how to speak and how to listen effectively. They will learn how to write for a range of purposes, oral presentation skills and systematically work on vocabulary development. 

Victory's Performance Overview

College Friends


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85% student attendance rate and that number is rising

100% of students apply to either a SUNY/CUNY college

91% retention rate of students graduate in four years 

VCHS Performance overview

Activities & Other Opportunities

Victory has partnered with Triad and Project MOVE, to offer several after-school opportunities, such as The 'Young Entrepreneurs Club', 'Visual Arts Club', 'Brothers Break Bread', 'Girls Generating Greatness', 'Hey there Beautiful!', 'GEMs', 'Robotics Club', and 'The Teen Momentum Leadership Training' club. In addition, Victory also offers students after school sport teams in collaboration with the whole wide campus team, Vikings, in the South Shore Educational Complex.




School Partners & Collaborations

  • Exploring the Arts

  • 21st Century Grant

  • Imagine Academy

  • Project MOVE

  • Momentum Education

  • GEM

  • Hey there Beautiful

  • ThinkCERCA

  • College Confident


  • Promethean

  • Platinum Edge Tutoring

Parent Leadership & Resources

  • School Leadership Team

  • Parent Coordinator

  • Parent's Association

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