our mission

Victory's Six guiding principles for a professional learning community

  1. Moving from privatization of practice to effective open sharing.

  2. Moving from remediation to intervention.

  3. Moving from an assumption that “these are my kids, those are your kids” to an assumption that “these are our kids.”

  4. Moving from individual teachers determining the appropriate response to a systematic response that ensures support for every student.

  5. Moving from assessments that determine which students failed to learn by a deadline to Moving to assessments that identify students who need additional time and support.

  6. Moving from just providing individual teachers with curriculum documents to engaging collaborative teams in building shared knowledge regarding essential curriculum.

By leveraging our diverse culture, our commitment to equity, and support of all stakeholders and partners, we will spark the intellectual curiosity of our students thereby allowing them to be willing to take suitable risks, learn from their mistakes and support each other as we  examine social problems, peak social awareness and develop social conscience.​

Our Vision

Through the work of ALL, we will graduate socially conscious students ready to work toward personal and community growth.

Focus Statement

Implementation of a school-wide focus on literacy-based instruction will engage students in appropriately challenging tasks where students are empowered to take intellectual risks, thereby increasing our student's overall regents pass rate by 10% as measured by the NYS Regents in Living Environment, Social Studies, Math, and ELA.


our principal

Angelo Marra became the Acting Principal of Victory Collegiate High School in August 2020.  A native of Brooklyn, Mr. Marra earned his B.A. in History with a Minor in Secondary School Education from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. He later received an M.A. in History in addition to a Professional  Diploma in Administration and Supervision, again, from Brooklyn College. 


Mr. Marra began his career as a Social Studies teacher at South Shore High School and then taught for several years at Midwood High School. He spent the next seven years working as an Assistant Principal, Supervision in Queens, first at Springfield Gardens High School, and then at Martin Van Buren High School. In 2008, he was appointed principal of Canarsie High School, his alma mater. 


Now entering his 13th year as an NYC DOE principal, Mr. Marra is continuing his mission to focus on the academic and social welfare of all students. He is a team player empowering teachers, staff, parents, and the community to provide a rigorous and nurturing learning environment for his students. Mr. Marra did not speak English when he first started school in New York City. The frustration he experienced in elementary school made him the educator he is today. Mr. Marra accordingly believes in customizing the instructional needs of all students. Understanding diversity and overcoming learning obstacles first hand has made him a true champion for all students. Principal Marra believes every student can reach the American Dream and is dedicated to giving back to the Canarsie/Flatlands community he grew up in. 


our purpose

The following questions help to guide us in pursuit towards building our instructional program.

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