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¡Hola personal!

Utilice esta página para encontrar enlaces útiles que pueda necesitar durante el año escolar, ¡especialmente nuestro formulario de servicio de ayuda de VC!


Please use this form for any and every inquiry you may have regarding technology help/issues.

DOE TeachHub

Online teaching platform for teachers.

DIIT Help Desk

If your tech guy can't help you with your tech issues, you should definitely click the button below. Call at 718-935-5100.

DOE Office 365

  • read your email

  • see your calendar

  • get to your files

NYCDOE Employee Acct. Password

There are now three ways you can reset your DOE account password. You can:

  • answer security questions,

  • verify personal information, or

  • send an email to a secondary email address.

Click the link below for more info

Still have more questions?

This will help for sure...

Envíe un correo electrónico a su coordinador de tecnología si desea agregar un enlace que sería útil para usted y sus colegas arriba como referencia.

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