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من خلال عمل برنامج ALL ، سنخرج طلابًا واعين اجتماعيًا مستعدين للعمل من أجل النمو الشخصي والمجتمعي.


نحن نتبع ركيزة مدرستنا المسماة توجيهات "الغرض" لمساعدتنا في برنامجنا التعليمي. انقر فوق الارتباط أدناه لمعرفة المزيد عنه.


تجربة الطالب


الموظفين المتفانين

يوم ممتد / سنة

برنامج الإثراء يوم السبت

نهج شخصي



The labels of any leader's moral compass might vary slightly with each culture or background, however the underlying principles ultimately remain the same. The four most prominent values are: Integrity, forgiveness, compassion, and responsibility.
  • Integrity Integrity involves aligning our actions with timeless human values, making choices in accordance with our ethical standards and convictions, and doing what we believe to be morally correct.

  • Responsibility – Only individuals who are ready to assume responsibility for their conduct and the outcomes it produces can guarantee that they adhere to universal human principles. Even if it means taking responsibility for a mistake.

  • Compassion – Compassion is crucially essential because demonstrating concern for others not only conveys our regard for them but also fosters an environment where others are likely to reciprocate with compassion when we require it the most.

  • Forgiveness – This principle is of paramount importance, as lacking the capacity to accept errors and recognize our own imperfections may lead to inflexibility, rigidity, and an inability to interact with others in a manner that fosters our collective well-being.

Graduate hugging parent/mentor

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