sy2020-21 social distancing guidelines

To comply with current social distancing guidelines, Victory Collegiate High School will be implementing a hybrid learning model.  The hybrid learning model consists of Cohort A, and Cohort B. Cohort A  is composed of students whose last name begins with A through L. Cohort B is composed of students whose last name begins M through Z. The calendar below displays the day's Cohort A, and Cohort B will be in attendance for the month of September.

September 2020

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Victory's Advisory Program

Every Victory student is assigned to an advisor who serves as the liaison between home and school. Seniors get to choose their advisor. Advisory classes meet daily, consisting of a balance of academic skills, and habits of mind necessary for academic success, college, and career exploration team building and social-emotional support.

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Victory Collegiate High School believes that education is the most powerful instrument for sparking the revitalization essential to urban communities.  We seek to ensure a productive, diverse, community of learners, willing to take suitable risks, learn from their mistakes, and support each other as we examine social problems, peal social awareness, develop a social conscience and work toward community and personal growth.  Victory's mission is purposefully preparing students to become responsible citizens for the revitalization of urban communities.

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